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"MJ Ministries"The central objective of Michael & Jessie ministries is to build people of Purpose, Power, and Praise. Michael & Jessie has been married for 31 years and have 5 beautiful children; they have been co-labours for 29 years.  They are two very gifted anointed ministers and teachers of the gospel who have traveled this country evangelizing, teaching in conferences and workshops.They have been role models, mentors, and spiritual advisors to thousands. If you are interested in booking them for an engagement; please contact them at  (502) 776-1589  (502) 776-1589 ext. 401 also if you are interested in purchasing a sermon on DVD, CD or VHS please contact the media ministry of MJ Ministries or Promise Land M.B. Church at  (502) 776-4119  (502) 776-4119 .Thank you for visiting our web site, and for your continued support of this ministry.Love,Senior Pastor, Michael L. Priester and Minister Jessie L. Priester
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